My platform for county commissioner:

Let's start with smart budgeting because of the state’s inability to effectively support public services. Smart budgeting because fiscal responsibility matters so let’s be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound!

Public works and meeting our infrastructure needs for our growing area, because we need Rockwall County Precinct 4 to be the best it’s ever been. Public works and infrastructure to support a high quality of life! 

Transparency with in-person, and with digital tools designed for local government because openness and accountability go hand-in-hand. Transparency because county leaders need to be well within reach to their constituents.



I hope to earn your vote. Please consider me for the job.

I know that an important aspect of leadership is in one’s character. You can expect that I will show respect, moderation, and humility.  Let's work to ensure common sense county policies, while we do not let our community fall under the gavel of extreme political ideologies coming from the shadow of cultural wars which does not reflect our local county. Let's seek community, let's work on community, and let's live as a community by:


Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound! Know that because of the state’s inability to effectively support public services, funding for these services increasingly comes from local taxes. Local taxes have provided the majority of state and local taxes for public services in every year since 2002. The commissioners court needs to judicially manage the financial responsibility for the county, setting the tax rate, authorizing expenditures, and issuing bonds. This enumeration includes other statutes related to the commissioners' responsibility for fiscal operation of the county. I believe that concentrating on the needs of precinct 4, and not on the wants advocated by the few interests will help our county absorbed the 'Push-Down Effect' on our local governments. 


Push on the local government accountability and transparency. I want to educate Pct. 4, and I want to provide a clear indication of how the local government and partners can effectively deliver public services. I also want to help the citizens of Rockwall County to have easy access to the commissioners' court documentation and flexible commissioners court meeting times to encourage civic participation for county resolutions.


We must invest in Rockwall County Precinct 4 infrastructure. The growing absorption is encouraging planning and implementation to integrate the growth and development in Precinct 4 and the county. I believe that the quality of life that the citizens of a county enjoy and expect is dependent on working diligently county and city governments on the most basic services of its infrastructure such as streets, lighting, bridges, drinking water systems, wastewater treatment, and solid waste disposal, among others.

Bring a fresh perspective 

Bring a fresh perspective to the local government of Rockwall County politics, moving aside the ‘good ol’ boy’ system so that through my commissioner’s seat everyone can be represented at the table of the commissioners' court. Commissioners create offices, boards, and commissions to carry out certain purposes, and it's about time to allow citizens outside the 'few' recurring groups to have access to these boards.